Mains Answer Writing Guidance Program (MGAP - 2022)

Dear Aspirants , is launching a Program keeping in mind TWO broad category of students who are preparing for UPSC civil services exam. This program caters to both category aspirants – ‘Freshers’ who haven’t taken any coaching yet but want to start preparation either in college or from home and ‘Veterans’ who have completed either coaching or have finished basics on their own. This category also includes aspirants who have already given attempts in civil services exam.

Anne Lamott Is quoted having said “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.”

So, to develop your writing skills , you must begin to write . And Enlight IAS team is standing by you and helps you to start your mains answer writing .


1. Duration: from 30th of January to 1st of April 2022.

2. Covers GS1 to GS4.

3. Evaluation within 48 hours.

4.360 degree Answer Review Feedbacks.

5. Questions are graded – easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of EnlightIAS can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.
6. Live Guidance & Doubt clearing sessions will be held. 

7. Every Test will cover Current Affairs comprehensively . This helps you read and revise current affairs from the beginning.

8. Special care of the aspirants who don’t know how to write answers.

9. Reference Answers in PDF.

Why should one join MGAP - 2022?

Designed in Essay + GS (1-4) papers format so that the students stays in touch with all the papers throughout the length of the test series.
1. Chance to improve your answer writing skills .

2. Chance to correct any grave mistakes in answer writing before prelims so that you are ready to just focus on content in your answers after prelims rather than worrying about your structure and presentation of answers..

3. There will be no tests on Sundays so that you can practice your prelims mock tests or can prepare your Optional Paper. 

4. If you follow the program strictly and submit on time, you will be done with your mains syllabus once within 75 days.

5. This program has been designed to help you not to lose focus on Mains preparation during exam preparation and at the same time overcome all your Mains GS + Essay papers related weaknesses before Prelims itself.

6. Doubt Discussion Sesssions : These discussions will give an effective trajectory for your preparation to the upcoming test. These discussions will be held before and after of each tests. 

7. You will have to open the Mains web portal , write answers and then upload neatly scanned copy on our upload portal (poorly scanned copies will not be evaluated).

8. We have a team of experienced evaluators and reviewers, who ensure that the answer sheets are evaluated through the “Competency Prism” i.e. the parameters to be followed for evaluation of any answer sheet.

9. Evaluation will be done comprehensively and your performance will be rated on different parameters which we at Insights have evolved separately for General Studies papers(1,2 and 3), Ethics and Essay papers. These parameters are printed in question cum answer booklets.

10. Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions
– Concepts
 Focus on providing Answer sheet specific workable comments to aspirants so that they know specifically what fetched those marks and what didn’t work for them.

 We have a 3 three Tiered structure for evaluation of answer Sheets which provide multiple level of assessment and cross checking to provide depth to the evaluation quality.

11. Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified so that you get to know what to stick to and what to improve/work on. These will be written in your answer booklet comprehensively so that you can go back anytime and work on our feedback (i.e work on your mistakes)

12. Evaluated copies will be uploaded within 48 hours after the time of submission. 

13. We urge you to give these tests on the same day so that there is no backlog for you. This is good for you as you will see great improvement in all aspects by the end of the series.


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